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Who I am!

I am Lisa Tighe, owner of Change Your Life Solutions and NLP Practitioner.  I discovered NLP in my mid thirties and haven’t looked back since then.

My childhood was challenging, my teens difficult, experimental and my early 20’s were spent searching for things that would “make me happy”

I have had various job titles including Criminal Listing Officer, Overseas Holiday Representative and Conveyance Secretary before finding a role within the Local Authority working with challenging teenagers.

When I discovered NLP it literally “Blew my mind!”  It enabled me to open up my unconscious mind, take charge, find solutions and move on with my life.  I discovered I could like myself and even LOVE myself!

And that was it…. I wanted to do more, the possibilities were endless!

I used my new skills in my day to day role supporting teenagers and I helped friends and family find solutions.  My passion for helping, supporting and guiding others grew and grew.

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My Experience Working with Young People.

I have 5 years experience working within the Local Authority with some of the most challenging teenagers in the area. I have supported young people with anger management, drink and drug issues, helped with improving their behaviour at school and generally talking, understanding and helping them through the difficult issues they may face.

My teenage years and early 20’s were not easy. In a nutshell it was a turbulent, risky and chaotic time.

With both my working and personal experiences I find working with young people as a NLP Practitioner interesting, exciting and something I love doing. For many people this age group are not very appealing to work with. For me, I find working with teenagers the most rewarding type of people to work with!

I work hard to help them, listen to them and support them so they feel they have the power to control and enjoy their lives.


Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – Accredited by the American board of NLP
Certified Master in Timeline Therapy® – Accredited by American Board of NLP
Certified Master in Hypnosis – Accredited by American Board of NLP
Certified Master in NLP Coaching – Accredited by American Board of NLP
Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – Accredited by the American board of NLP
EFT Advanced Practitioner
EFT Advanced Practitioner Training Programme
NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care
Mapped by Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards

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